Our goal

      The challenge and the interest in reaching for the summits of electrical engineering characterizes the will of our research centre. Team working and connections between different interest fields provide best solutions for tricky tasks.


      Hi tech measurement and control equipments, powerful computers with updated software, laboratories full equipped and a team rich in knowledge are our pride.

   Reseach groups in our centre

-Special electric machines and light electric traction group (SEMLET);
- Grupul de cercetare de Motoare electrice reluctante si aplicatii;
-Centrul de cercetare in domeniul convertoarelor de ca/cc cu conditionarea retelei de intrare;

       Our research and development team, built up around the Department of Electric Machines and Electric Drives and Robots, with a strong support offered by our specialist in Marketing and Management, can cover a large area of specialties in the electrical engineering domain. We have a solid experience in the area and our already elaborated research projects, stand by to sustain our high competence and ability.
       It is our pleasure to warmly invite you to contact our web page and to let us show you who we are and what we can do.
       We hope that this information will be helpful in planning your future developments. We are looking forward to meet your requests and be sure we will try our best to offer you the technical support you may need at this moment.

       Our official certificate : "Centrul de excelenta stiintifica, de cercetare in masini si actionari electrice - MAE UTC-N, evaluat si acreditat de catre CNCSIS (Certificat nr. 11/CC-B/2001)".
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